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Personal Projects

Wwise integrated into JUCE

A project to better understand the Wwise API and working directly with setting up a middle-ware sound engine in a custom engine.  Features a scalable object graph with a soundbank list for loading and unloading on the fly.


Wwapi Script that looks at the selected parents first child removes the "_01" (if it exists) and copies it to the parent.

Transient Dream - The Voyager

A short music video featuring my music, 3d models, textures, particles and level design in Unreal Engine 4.  Additional models and particle effects provided by Unreal Market place.

Tools used:

Photoshop, 3ds Max, Quixel Suite, UE 4

A bitcrush plugin for Wwise fully interactable with RTPCs in game and in editor.  A simple project to learn more about the inner workings of a wwise plugin.


Wwise Decimator Plugin
Modular Synth in UE4

A proof of concept to "Game-ify" modular synthesizer using Unreal Engines new audio system.  A simple idea that could lead to an interactive and musical platforming experience.

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